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Websites about his person

His official Homepage:

(Here was his homepage during the 2003/4-season; before it looked like this)

Svens old "Winning Recipes"

Skijumping- and other media presentations:


  Sven Hannawald in the Beckmann Show
    on German television on january 30, 2006

  Television Interview with Sven Hannawald
    with Beckmann on German television on mai 23, 2005

Audio Interview with Sven Hannawald
    at the ProWein Trade Fair on March 24, 2003

Skijumping Organizations:


His Management:

His Sponsors:

His Residence: - Photos from Hinterzarten

Special Congratulations and Awards:

Congratulations from the German Chancellor
Congratulations from the German interior minister
Sportsman of the year 2002: Year-book - Photo 1 - Photo 2
The Goldene Henne 2002
The Goldene Feder 2002
Hinterzarten became Hannizarten
The Hanni-Star in Space
...and even almost on audience by the Pope

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Private Fansites

German Fansites:

Outdated German Fansites:
Verena's Fansite

(Fansites which doesn't exist
anymore, are here)

Polish Fansites:

Other Foreign Fansites:

Laura's Fansite
Lily's Fansite
Lucyls Slovakian Site
Small Hungarian Site
New Hungarian Fansite
Russian Fansite

International Fanlisting:
Here you can enter yourself as fan:

Sven Hannawald-Forums:

(The 2nd Hanni-Forum from RTL was here;
the 1st Hanni-Forum looked like this)

Our own Hanni-Fan-Forum
The InterHanni-Forum
A new polish Forum

Sven Hannawald-Groups:

MSN Group
Yahoo Group "Hanni-Club"
Yahoo Group
Yahoo Group

Other Private Fansites where there is something about Sven:

Outdated Private Fansites where there is something more about Sven:

Schmitt und Hannawald
Nathalie's Homepage
Sandra's Homepage
Viv's Ski Jumping Site

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Other sites where there is something about Sven

Private Sites:
Katharina's Homepage

Sites about Skijumping in General:

Fan Articles:

The Shop of
The Shop of the Skiclub Hinterzarten
Hannawald-Articles at

(Press-) Photos:


Caricature of Sven Hannawald

At these sites there is some information about Sven in foreign languages:

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Some sites about Skijumping in General


Some bigger Skijumpingsites:

Some bigger Skijumpingforums:

The forum of
The forum of     
The Joint Skijumping Forum     

The Adler-forum of

Some other skijumpingsites...

...are here

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